Maintaining and cleaning the roof is essential for the
maintenance of the roof. Annual maintenance
significantly extends the useful life of the roof and prevents unexpected costs.

During the maintenance work, we examine and treat all critical
points and defects in the roof coverings.

During the maintenance of your roof, we remove the existing dirt
and ensure that the rainwater drains are normal for the water

We collect all kinds of information about the roof. With this
information we can give you a good idea of ​​the condition of the
roof at that time.

Small-scale maintenance
and cleaning

You can contact us for a one-off cleaning or a cleaning contract. We can offer you small-scale maintenance that ensures that the existing dirt is removed from the roof and that the rainwater drains are accessible again.

This prevents the common leaks and blockages. During the maintenance work, we also examine all critical points and defects of the roofing and treat them after consultation with you.

Large-scale maintenance
and cleaning

We can also offer you the size cleaning package. We also include small-scale maintenance.
But with our cleaning equipment we can (provided your roof is in normal condition) get it as good as new again.

This can be applied to almost all types of roof coverings. This cleaning method is mainly intended for roofs that consist of white bitumen or plastic roofing.


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